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Battery storage: the new normal for Hawaii PV

Battery-backed PV systems are increasingly the option of choice for Oahu homeowners. A growing number of SunPower by Eco Solar customers are installing high efficiency SunPower panels in combination with Tesla Powerwall. It’s the world’s most efficient solar panel in

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Hawaii Hurricane Season: How Solar Can Help

Hawaii hurricane power outage

What would it be like if Oahu suffered a direct strike from a powerful hurricane? The 2017 Pacific Hurricane Season begins June 1. How many homes might be without power and for how long? What can be done to prepare

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Need a lot of solar energy in a small space?

SunPower 360 watt panels

This striking 430 square foot addition to a 1920’s era Diamond Head home features a rooftop sun patio with panoramic views of Waikiki and Honolulu. With only 300 square feet of available roof space, our customer needed the maximum solar

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HECO opens up limited solar grid space

On April 9, 2017, Hawaiian Electric announced that 10MW of space has been cleared for new solar energy projects on Oahu under the Customer Grid Supply program (CGS). This space will likely be swallowed up within a few weeks according

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Help us help families in need

UPDATE: A big mahalo to our Eco Solar ‘ohana for helping us reach our goal! Over $2,000 was raised to support IHS during our Earth Day fundraising drive. The Institute for Human Services provides critical support to Oahu families and

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Going Virtually Off-Grid with Solar and Home Batteries

Powerwall Tesla Oahu

Ever wonder what it’s like take your home virtually off-grid with solar panels and a home battery system? Air traffic controller Bronson installed 36 SunPower panels and two Tesla Powerwall batteries on his Ewa Beach home in October of 2016.

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What’s next for solar energy on Oahu?

Hawaii Kai solar panels

As we reported in our last post, Hawaiian Electric’s Customer Grid Supply program was nearing capacity on Oahu. In September, the program was officially closed out. So what are the options for solar now? With HECO’s new Customer Self Supply

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Space is Running Out for Grid Supply Program!

The Customer Grid Supply Program (CGS) from Hawaiian Electric, launched in October 2015 to offer a solar opportunity to homeowners who missed out on the Net Metering program, is drawing to a close. 25 MW of grid capacity was originally

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Boost Your Savings!

Dust, salt spray, bird droppings, leaves and other debris on your solar panels can noticeably impact your system’s performance over time. If you have concerns, talk to us about our Eco Boost solar panel cleaning and maintenance service. We recommend

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The Tesla Powerwall is Here!

SunPower by Eco Solar is proud to announce the arrival of the Tesla Powerwall Home Battery on Oahu! If you already have solar, upgrading your system to Tesla Powerwall provides clean, reliable emergency backup power, eliminating the need for fuel

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