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Boost Your Savings!

Dust, salt spray, bird droppings, leaves and other debris on your solar panels can noticeably impact your system’s performance over time. If you have concerns, talk to us about our Eco Boost solar panel cleaning and maintenance service. We recommend

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The Tesla Powerwall is Here!

SunPower by Eco Solar is proud to announce the arrival of the Tesla Powerwall Home Battery on Oahu! If you already have solar, upgrading your system to Tesla Powerwall provides clean, reliable emergency backup power, eliminating the need for fuel

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Protect your PV Modules from Paint Overspray

We have experienced an increase in calls this year related to paint overspray affecting the energy production of homeowners’ PV systems. This unfortunate situation happens when the homeowner has their home repainted and during the application of paint on the

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Solar: saving you money at home, but what about where you work?

We’ve helped over 1,500 Oahu families reduce or eliminate their electric bill, but have you considered reducing operating costs at your business or organization with solar? Homeworks Construction in Honolulu was able to greatly reduce their energy bill with zero

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Do you know someone with a “Golden Ticket”?

According to Hawaiian Electric, there are nearly 15,000 homeowners in Hawaii who have an approved or pending Net Energy Metering (NEM) agreement but haven’t yet installed solar. Chances are one of your friends, family or neighbors are among these folks.

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PUC ruling: What’s the future of solar for Hawaii?

What does the recent ruling from the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) mean for the future of solar energy in Hawaii? If you’ve already installed a system, the news is very good indeed. Even if you haven’t, the news is still

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