Maintenance & Warranty

Solar energy system maintenanceMaintenance

Your PV system has been designed to reduce or eliminate your electric bill. In order to achieve this goal and get the most out of your investment, Eco Solar recommends performing an Eco Boost maintenance service at least once a year.

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SunPower 25 year warrantyWarranty

SunPower Warranty
SunPower offers a superior combination of guaranteed power output and a product warranty that is unmatched in the industry. With a guaranteed PV module output of 87% at year 25 and a product warranty that covers product replacement and associated labor for 25 years, SunPower is truly engineered for peace of mind.

SunPower by Eco Solar Workmanship Warranty
SunPower by Eco Solar warranties for our workmanship on the balance of the system for five years. This includes all electrical work and the installation of roof mounting equipment.

Warranties can be confusing, and not all are created equal. Please call us with any questions you may have at 808-744-2274.

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