Honolulu Testimonials

We’ve installed all kinds of systems all over Oahu. Along the way we’ve met a lot of nice people – and saved families a lot money.

Click on the links below to read testimonials from some of our Honolulu customers:

Customer NeighborhoodInstall date
Galen Chee & Karen Tom"I was home and overheard them talking and they..."HonoluluApril 2018
Robert L."VERY pleased from start to finish. I highly recommend Eco Solar."HonoluluJune 2017
C.T."The entire staff is great! Very knowledgeable and pleasant."HonoluluJune 2017
T.F."From start to finish I had no problems with the process."HonoluluJune 2017
Edward Y."The installation was awesome! We were 100% satisfied!"HonoluluJanuary 2017
Mark Harris"Communication was excellent. They explained ahead of time what…"HonoluluOctober 2016
Keith & Waishan Yanagi"We heard that solar was hard to get installed, but they were…"HonoluluMay 2016
Juan and Helena V."We appreciate Mike’s honesty, professionalism and..."HonoluluJanuary 2016
Colin W."Quality product and great customer service is everything..."HonoluluOctober 2015
Bruce Motoyama“Very satisfied with the timeliness and efficiency on the..."HonoluluOctober 2015
Linda & Leighton T."Staff provided friendly, competent high quality service...”HonoluluJuly 2015
Grace L."The consultation of Rafal was efficient, extremely..."HonoluluJuly 2015
Tim Roytman"Eco Solar is a class above the rest and is a clear leader..."HonoluluJune 2015
Mary C.“I love my solar panels. I received my first full..."HonoluluMay 2015
William E."My experience with Eco Solar started well with the estimate..."HonoluluFebruary 2015
Arleen T."We have had no problems with our system and..."HonoluluDecember 2014
Name withheld"Eco Solar was very easy to work with. They handled all..."HonoluluDecember 2014
Stanton Lee"The follow up was excellent, and most of all..."HonoluluFebruary 2014
Robin Miura"Eco Solar has once again proven to be very reliable from..."HonoluluNovember 2013
Glenn Higa"John Vallesteros was fantastic from beginning to end..."HonoluluOctober 2013
Gaylyn L."Great service and communications from Eco Solar from..."HonoluluOctober 2013
Richard M."I found Eco Solar very professional and helpful. They..."HonoluluSeptember 2013
Keith T."Crew did an awesome clean installation. Great team work."HonoluluAugust 2013
David I."Enjoyed working with Eco Solar consultant Mike French and..."HonoluluAugust 2013
Ted & Davina W."Eco Solar is without a doubt the best solar company..."HonoluluJune 2013
Jason Young"My father-in-law and uncle had gone through Eco Solar..."HonoluluMay 2013
Shane & Leigh Arakaki"Thanks Eco Solar! This is my second time using Eco Solar."HonoluluApril 2013
Lee Kunimitsu"We were happy with the service and communication..."HonoluluFebruary 2013
Thomas Fujikawa"I would recommend Eco Solar to anyone planning to install..."HonoluluJanuary 2013
Thomas Fujikawa"I would recommend Eco Solar to anyone planning to install..."HonoluluJanuary 2013
Wendell Amoy"Crew was very courteous and knowledgeable. Work went..."HonoluluJanuary 2013
Ryan K."I was extremely satisfied with the installation of my solar..."HonoluluDecember 2012
Brian Dote"We are extremely happy with the entire process of purchasing..."HonoluluOctober 2012
Name withheld"Working with Eco Solar has been a good experience..."HonoluluOctober 2012
Shane & Leigh Arakaki"I will be recommending Eco Solar to all my friends and..."HonoluluSeptember 2012
Allen D."We have now had Eco Solar complete two installations..."HonoluluJune 2012
Bob & Sandy C."We would recommend Eco Solar to everyone. They were..."HonoluluJune 2012
Ben F."From start of the project to the completion, every step..."HonoluluApril 2012
Gene Fukushima"I would recommend using Eco Solar for installing..."HonoluluMarch 2012

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