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You are required to enter into an interconnection agreement with HECO if you have a grid-tied PV system.

HECO LogoAlthough there are a few other options available, most PV customers will apply for HECO’s Customer Self-Supply program. The process for your interconnection agreement begins with Eco Solar filing a Distributed Energy Resource (DER) agreement on your behalf. Depending on the load of the circuit your home is connected to, HECO’s review of your application may take from 1-6 months and possibly longer.

Once HECO approves your application, you may proceed with your project. After your solar panels are installed and city inspections are complete, HECO will approve your system to be energized and send out a technician to change your meter to a bi-directional meter within about 4 weeks.

Please visit the HECO website for more information.


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