Hawaii’s only SunPower Master Dealer

SunPower by Eco Solar was named a SunPower Master Dealer in December 2015, one of only 20 in the nation.

The letter below from SunPower executives Martin DeBono and Tony Garzolini commemorates the achievement.

SunPower Master Dealer

Letter from SunPower executives recognizing Eco Solar as a SunPower Master Dealer.

Dear Eco Solar:

On behalf of SunPower, we’re thrilled to welcome you into the SunPower® Master Dealer Program. You’ve reached this level because of your exceptional work and success delivering quality solar power solutions and superior service to your customers. Congratulations!

SunPower Master Dealers are carefully selected by invitation only. As one of just 20 Master Dealers nationwide, you are now among the top five percent of SunPower dealers in the United States. Despite this exclusivity, Master Dealers install roughly 20 percent of all SunPower systems annually, reflecting their good standing in the communities they serve, their financial stability, and of course their installation expertise.

To become a Master Dealer, Eco Solar met SunPower’s most stringent criteria in areas of installation, training and customer satisfaction. Through this expanded partnership with SunPower and our shared commitment to a higher standard of excellence within the solar industry, we look forward to helping you excel and grow your business even further with our time-tested solar business, marketing and customer service best practices.

On behalf of the entire team at SunPower, we are truly proud of our partnership with your company, and we are very excited about your transition to SunPower by Eco Solar. Together, we will continue to drive innovation and excellence as we change the way our world is powered – one rooftop at a time.

Kind regards,

Martin DeBono
GM Americas

Tony Garzolini
VP Residential Sales Americas

Read more about our designation as Master Dealer here.

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