Eco Boost Solar Panel Cleaning & Maintenance

Solar energy system electrical checkProtect your investment with Eco Boost solar panel cleaning and system maintenance program.


  • maintain performance to ensure your system is operating at optimum levels
  • thorough inspection by licensed electrical and solar contractor
  • peace of mind that trained technicians are checking on your investment

solar energy system inspectionWhat’s included:

  • inspection of all ground level equipment including inverters, exterior disconnects, subpanels, junction boxes and conduit.
  • inspection of all rooftop equipment including panels, micro-inverters (if applicable), racking, conduit, junction boxes, wiring, flashings and sealant integrity.
  • Cleaning and drying of solar panels
  • Written report indicating condition of system, any issues uncovered, corrective steps recommended and before and after pictures of your panel array

solar panel cleaning serviceWe recommend you schedule Eco Boost service at least once a year.

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Jerry VaresEco Boost Case Study: Jerry Vares

Jerry Vares had a SunPower system installed on his Hawaii Kai home in May 2013. Since then he’s scheduled Eco Boost service twice to keep his system performing at its peak.. Click here to read the full story…

Eco Boost is available for any residential solar energy system on Oahu, you do not need to be a SunPower by Eco Solar customer.

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