Eco Boost Case Study – Jerry Vares – Hawaii Kai

Jerry Vares

Jerry Vares

Jerry Vares had a SunPower system installed on his Hawaii Kai home in May 2013. Since then he’s scheduled Eco Boost service twice to keep his system performing at its peak.

“I’m really impressed. Wow! It makes a big difference, especially after I saw the pictures of before and after.

“Before it was kind of grayish and dirty. Even if the rain washes it, you still have marks that give you a film on top. After, the panels after were nice and shiny and clean and reflective. It was really awesome, just like brand new panels.

“Afterward, they sent me before and after pictures and a checklist of what they actually did. I was really impressed. I knew what happened without crawling up there myself!

“It just performs better. If you look at the graphs, it’s producing better than before it was cleaned. So maintenance is really important and the service is awesome!”

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Before and after pictures of solar panel cleaning

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