Whole House Backup

Enjoy reliable backup power for your home, with or without solar

whole house backup OahuWhole House

No need to choose which circuits will stay running during a power outage. Powerwall can cover all or most of your home and stores enough energy to run an average two-bedroom home for a full day.

battery power for your homeWith or without solar

Powerwall can charge from the grid or solar to provide emergency backup when needed. Adding Powerwall won’t affect your current utility status or prevent you from getting solar in the future.

backup power without a generatorNo more generators

No more firing up noisy, smoke-spewing generators and storing dangerous fuel. Powerwall activates the moment you lose power, automatically.

EV charging NEM solar upgradeNew world of options

Boost NEM systems, power up off-grid buildings, build a standalone solar electric car charging system. Use renewable energy and take advantage of tax incentives.

whole house backup with batteryPeace of mind for under $10k

SunPower by Eco Solar can install Tesla Powerwall for as little as $9,995. Call 808 744-2274 or contact us here for more information.

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