Testimonial: Terilyn and Kevin N.

Testimonial29“After shopping around with six other companies, we were up to our ears with proposals, numbers, panel information, etc. Just when we thought we were close to finalizing our vendor, we came across Eco Solar and are truly grateful we took the challenge to view another proposal. John was wonderful to explain the costs and expectations up front. He was accurate with his proposal and took the time to make sure we understood what we needed to know about PV.

The installation crew truly amazed us; they genuinely believed in the products they were installing and they were proud to be there, happy to be helping us as a customer. The work ethic and positive vibe from everyone at Eco Solar, exceeded our expectations and gave us ALL the reason to believe that our investment with Eco Solar was the BEST choice we made.”


Terilyn and Kevin N.
System installed November 2012

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