Testimonial: Robert L.

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Testimonial Honolulu SunPower solar edge

I highly recommend you do your research, i.e. companies, panels (first tier, second tier, etc.), materials (inverter, racking), and install method. This is NOT my first PV install (first installer did a good job) but for this go around, I selected Eco Solar. The three reasons why I selected Eco Solar were company, team / staff, and material / equipment:

1.  Local company with HIGH quality control built into its business model. From that I understand, Eco DOES NOT advertise for business.  It is through word of mouth.  The only reason I called them was I saw their truck and phone number on the H1 heading west. The CEO, Ben is on EVERY job, he was on my job from scoping to the install.  The ONE and only sales rep for the company, Mike French is highly knowledgeable and honest.  Mike provided the details and explained the process from start to finish. Once I got HECO approval, the entire process took only 2 weeks.

2.  The team is comprised of ONLY in-house personnel, installer, electrician, etc! No sub-contracting for the install, electrical, etc., hence HIGH quality workmanship is reflected into their work. In addition, Eco Solar is SunPower ONLY Master dealer in Hawaii (best of the best, only one company). Master Dealers are handpicked from SunPower, received the most in-depth training, have consistently maintained the most exacting standards of installation, and highest levels of customer satisfaction.

3.  The materials / product were SunPower and SolarEdge inverter. Eco Solar ONLY installs SunPower and Solar Edge inverters.  SunPower panels are the industry standard and the best product you can buy for our residential needs.  I like the efficiencies and warranties of both the equipment and install.

From my experience, I am VERY pleased with Eco Solar from the start to the finish. I highly recommend Eco Solar for all your PV needs. If I had to do again, I would select Eco Solar for both my PV installs!

Robert L.
System installed July 2017

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