Testimonial: Mark Harris of MD Restoration

“My name is Mark Harris and I’m the owner of MD Restoration. MD Restoration is a family owned, locally owned restoration company specializing in emergency water extraction 24 hours a day, mold remediation, fire and smoke damage; we also specialize in carpet and upholstery cleaning, were a full-service asbestos abatement contractor as well as a full-service general contractor.

Mark Harris – MD Restoration

“After having solar on my house for several years, and seeing the economic benefit of it, I wanted to make sure that whatever property that I would eventually buy to house my business, that I would be able to put solar on that property and hopefully offset some of the electrical costs, not to mention hopefully trying to help save the planet in a small way.

“I found out about SunPower by Eco Solar, I think I just called them up and asked some questions, and they answered everything a lot more intelligently than other contractors that I had been speaking with.

“If I went with conventional panels, I wouldn’t have the roof space. We have 89 panels, and that takes up almost 100% of the roof space above our office. That supplies with all the power we need to run all the air conditioning, all the computers, and all the electricity for our warehouse.

MD Restoration North King Street Honolulu

“We were spending on average about $1200 a month on electricity, and the system that we got from SunPower by Eco Solar saved us that $1200 or about $14,000 a year. With the tax credits between the sate and federal government, the ROI, basically paying for the system was about 3.6 years.

“I don’t think we noticed any of the Eco Solar technicians installing the panels on our roof. Very courteous, very neat, tidy with all of their tools and equipment that they were using to work on our project.

“Communication was excellent. They explained ahead of time what they were going to be doing, how long it would take and what the process was going to entail. Overall it was a fantastic experience.

“SunPower by Eco Solar – I would recommend to anyone, in fact, they actually did my parents house in Kalama Valley. They were clean, they were neat, they didn’t leave anything on site. They came back every day; it was just a quick and easy install.

“If you can make my mom and dad happy, you can make a lot people happy with the service you provide.”

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