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SunPower by Eco Solar develops Complete Home Solar Systems based on your energy use and the Solar energy available in your area. We carefully evaluate your home’s “sun zone” and work with you to design a system that maximizes the solar energy available. We also review your utility bills to understand your energy consumption and needs – creating a customized solution to meet both your location and your lifestyle.


Raymond Camacho first met the Eco Solar team at Oahu’s BIA home show. He had already done his research, and had determined that a SunPower system would work best for his home. He had already had estimates from a couple of our competitors, and was holding off on installation due to the price. Ultimately he chose us not only because we were the more affordable option for installing the exact same products, but because we do the work ourselves (we never subcontract). Since Raymond’s Kapolei home sits in a better sunshine zone than most Honolulu homes, his system required fewer panels – and now saves him well over $3000 a year!

I knew that other companies provided the same products, but I chose Eco Solar because of their professionalism and the peace of mind of knowing that all of the work was provided by their employees (not subcontractors). I feel good knowing that I’m helping the environment and seeing a $17 electric bill every month doesn’t hurt.
– Raymond Camacho


Sean Bradshaw had been shopping around for a PV system to help offset energy costs for his young family and decided to call us based on the recommendation of a co-worker. Because he wanted the peace of mind with a great warranty, he chose a SunPower system. Before installation, the family’s annual energy usage was 8400 kWh (or about $3024). Today he has no electricity bills!
I would have to say Eco Solar’s team made the process easy and simple. They were able to answer all of our questions and concerns. The overall project from the signing of the contract to city & county permit and association approval to the actual installation of the PV system was a breeze. Eco handled it all and kept us informed throughout the project. I can’t say enough about how much we’re enjoying our system and the savings it’s providing. – Sean Bradshaw

Pearl City

Douglas Chu heard about Eco Solar through a previous customer of ours. As a recent retiree, he wanted a system that would require low maintenance while delivering high performance for years to come. We installed a system that maximized the Pearl City sunlight to deliver over 8900 kilowatts of energy per year – eliminating Douglas’ annual power bills of $3228.
The whole process with Eco Solar, from start to finish, ran very smoothly. The crew was nice and professional. We are very satisfied with the installation and savings. – Douglas Chu


Mike Rush was looking to immediately save money on his electric bill without having to borrow money or dip into savings for a system purchase. With the SunPower lease, he was able to cut his electric bill in half with no out-of-pocket expenses. Now, Mike is enjoying the benefits of the world’s most efficient solar panels and is on track to save over $63,000 over the next 20 years.
I was paying about $250 a month, now I’m paying $125. I basically locked in my monthly electric payment at $125. Effectively, it’s about half. It’s kind of a no-brainer! – Mike Rush
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