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Easy Ways to Help Friends and Family Go Solar

When you go solar with Eco Solar Hawaii, it’s natural to want to tell everyone about it. After all, you’ve lowered your utility bills and reduced your carbon footprint! Why not share the advantages of solar with everyone in the neighborhood? But did you know you can earn rewards for your referrals?


Eco Solar has a referral program that rewards homeowners for helping others go solar. 


The process is simple:

1) Refer a homeowner you know that is interested in solar power.

2) Wait until they schedule a consultation and confirm their solar project with a Eco Solar system designer.

3) Enjoy your referral bonus.


What’s the best way to start conversations with friends and family about solar energy? Here are a few tips that may make referring others a little easier.


Share the Benefits of Your Solar System

  • Pull out your phone to highlight your Energy Value in the Tesla App (An estimate of the money you didn’t have to pay your utility).
  • Proudly show off your solar array and Tesla Powerwall.
  • Share your personal stories and the experience you had with our Team.

Becoming part of the Eco Solar community has a positive impact on our neighbors and the planet. Solar energy helps reduce carbon emissions which promotes cleaner air. When the subject of climate change comes up you can share how you are playing a role in the movement!


Environmental benefits aren’t all solar power has to offer. Homeowners that go solar are also helping stabilize the electrical grid by generating power on their roofs. Plus, going solar means helping Hawaii achieve its goal of 100% clean energy by 2045.


Look for Change of Life Events

There are many instances that can require a home to consume more electricity – like more family members under one roof or adding a new electric vehicle. When a homeowner generates solar energy, these changes become much more manageable. Eco Solar helps by designing a solar system based on current and future energy use.

Point Out the Eco Solar Advantage

If you’ve managed to get your referral to start thinking about solar energy, great job! The next step is to show them why Eco Solar is the best choice for their solar project. This should be a fairly easy task, given that:

  • Eco Solar is Oahu’s top home solar experts, since 2008
  • Eco Solar is proud to be a Tesla Powerwall Premier Certified Installer
  • Eco Solar has a Highly Skilled, Expertly Trained, In-house Installation Team
  • The Eco Solar team has a combined 50+ Years of Solar Installation Experience
  • More than 3,000 homeowners have gone Solar with Eco Solar and saved more than 13.6 Million Dollars each year!

Our reputation comes with years of experience and a trustworthy Warranties that covers your solar system and all of its components.

Get started by sharing by Eco Solar with everyone you know and sign up for our referral program to earn a bonus for every qualified homeowner that goes solar with us!

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