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Harness the Power of the Sun with Eco Solar Hawaii: Your Trusted Home Solar Experts

Aloha, Hawaii homeowners! Are you ready to embrace the power of the sun and join the thousands of happy customers who have chosen Eco Solar Hawaii as their trusted home solar provider? We’re excited to share the story of Justin and Tammie Drake, new homeowners in the beautiful Hoopili subdivision of Ewa Beach, who recently made the decision to go solar with us.

At Eco Solar Hawaii, we’ve been Oahu’s premier home solar company since 2008, with over 3,000 successful installations. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has helped homeowners collectively save more than $13.6 million annually on their electric bills. As a Maxeon Preferred Partner and a Tesla Powerwall Premier Certified Installer, we offer the most advanced solar technology and energy storage solutions available in the market.

When the Drakes met our founder Ben during a site assessment on a neighboring property, they quickly realized the incredible potential for savings and reducing their carbon footprint. Ben collected their information and completed a site assessment that same day, and our solar designer and consultant Michael promptly followed up to guide them through the process.

Designing a solar system for a brand new home with no prior energy usage history can be challenging, but our extensive experience in the Hoopili area allowed us to create an accurate and efficient plan for the Drakes. We installed 16 Maxeon 430 solar panels, known for their unparalleled energy production, reliability, and durability. To optimize their energy consumption and provide true energy independence, we also integrated a Tesla Powerwall+ with a backup switch.

Our friendly and professional crew had the Drakes’ system up and running in just five hours, showcasing our commitment to swift and efficient installations. With their new solar setup, which includes 16 Maxeon 430 solar panels and a Tesla Powerwall+ with an integrated 7600-watt solar inverter and backup switch, the Drakes are projected to save $336 per month, or $4,032 annually, on their electricity bills. The Tesla Powerwall+ not only provides 13.5kWh of storage capacity but also adds an extra $140 per month in savings. The Drakes can expect a payback period of only 4.7 years for their investment in clean, renewable energy.

The Drakes were also able to take advantage of several incentives, including the 30% Federal Tax Credit, the 35% State Tax Credit, and the Maxeon Preferred Partner Discount available through Eco Solar Hawaii. These incentives, along with various financing options, can help make the switch to solar more affordable for homeowners.

Tammie Drake shared their decision to go solar with Eco Solar Hawaii:

“We just moved in less than 3 weeks ago to the Bluffs. I noticed the Sunpower truck outside so I stepped out to talk to Ben with interest in solar panels and backup batteries for our home. Ben connected me with Michael. Michael got in touch with me that same day. The next day he visited us in person providing us with a wealth of knowledgeable and a level of comfort in what we felt we needed. We said yes! He said the set up would be fast. We didn’t realize how fast. I cannot believe that within 10 days of meeting we now have solar installed. The team of install guys were swift, respectful, professional and friendly. They were prompt in their arrival time at 8am and literally completed by noon, possibly even before noon. I highly recommend Eco Solar and if the stars went higher than 5, they’d get it! Mahalo Nui Loa!!!”

At Eco Solar Hawaii, we’re passionate about helping Hawaii homeowners like the Drakes take control of their energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint. Our state-of-the-art Maxeon Solar Panels and Tesla Powerwall battery storage systems are designed to maximize your savings and provide long-lasting, reliable performance.

Don’t wait to start your journey towards energy independence and a greener future. Contact Eco Solar Hawaii to schedule your free site assessment and discover how our expert team can help you harness the power of the sun. As Oahu’s leading home solar installer, we’re committed to providing you with the best products, service, and savings in the industry. Get started today!

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