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Need a lot of solar energy in a small space?

TSunPower 360 watt panelshis striking 430 square foot addition to a 1920’s era Diamond Head home features a rooftop sun patio with panoramic views of Waikiki and Honolulu.

With only 300 square feet of available roof space, our customer needed the maximum solar energy production possible.

He decided on SunPower X-22 series panels.

At 360 watts and record-breaking 22% efficiency, they deliver more energy per square foot than any solar panel ever made.

This 12-panel system may be compact, but with over 600 kWh of monthly production, it offsets around $180 per month in utility costs.

Small addition roof deck solar panelsX-22 series is available today from Hawaii’s only SunPower Master Dealer.

Contact SunPower by Eco Solar now for a free quote.

SunPower's X-22 series 360 watt solar panels
SunPower’s X-22 series 360 watt solar panels allow the most possible energy output when you’re working with a small amount of space.
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