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Battery storage: the new normal for Hawaii PV

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Battery-backed PV systems are increasingly the option of choice for Oahu homeowners.

A growing number of SunPower by Eco Solar customers are installing high efficiency SunPower panels in combination with Tesla Powerwall.

It’s the world’s most efficient solar panel in harmony with the battery system that’s setting the standard for innovation and value.

Seamless home backup

A single Powerwall provides backup of critical circuits like lighting and refrigeration. Two supply enough capacity to back up all circuits in most homes during an emergency.

Seamless backup means never even realizing the power went out. Powerwall instantly takes over when an outage occurs. No need to reset clocks and power devices back up.

Save the grid for a rainy day

Generate and store enough energy to self-power your home almost every minute of the day. Minimal monthly electric bills are achievable even under the new requirements from Hawaiian Electric.

SunPower panels generate 44% more energy per square foot than competing panels, so even with limited roof space you can achieve maximum savings and peace of mind knowing your solar investment is protected by the industry’s best warranty.

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