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Combat Rising Energy Costs & Save More with Solar

We’ve all seen the worrisome headlines about the economic news this year – inflation, supply chain woes, the pandemic, oil shortages, and more. Unfortunately, you’ll also probably see your electric bills continue to rise due to growing expenses for fuel. Did you know that we’re already paying between three and four times the average cost for energy compared to the average price on the mainland? That’s the highest electricity prices across the nation, so rising costs is unwelcome news for all of us in the Aloha state.

What if we told you there was something you could do to combat these increasing costs, all while increasing your home’s value and helping to preserve precious natural resources? Not only do you save money each month, but there are quite a few other ways to save by going solar now:

  1. Save More: On your monthly bill, your tax rate, the best warranties and more. You probably already know that harnessing the power of our sun to provide clean energy is an excellent way to lower your electric bills. But did you know solar panels are more valuable in Hawaii than just about every other area in the country? Because we receive so much direct and intense sunlight, it’s much easier for us to harness energy and transform it into savings every month.

    A wise and faster return on your investment, the average payback period for home solar systems in Hawaii is just 6 years, which is half the national average of 12 years. Most homeowners in our state start realizing a return on investment as early as 3 years.

    If you purchase a home solar system in 2022, you’ll see 35% of the cost come back as a credit at tax time thanks to Hawaii’s Renewable Energy Technologies Income Tax Credt, in addition to the Solar Investment Tax Credit of 26% available this year. 0% down, low-interest loans are also available to assist you with your home solar investment.

  2. Save the Planet: Climate change is happening all around us, causing wildfires, dangerous storms, and record-breaking temperatures around the planet. Clearly, the world needs cleaner energy, yet only a small percentage of U.S. homes and businesses are choosing solar over dependence on fossil fuels like natural gas and coal. While Hawaii has been the most petroleum-dependent state in the past, it also has immense potential for transformation to renewable resources.

    In fact, Hawaii set a deadline for achieving 100% electricity sales from renewable sources in 2015, becoming the first US state to make such a commitment. Besides the high cost, this goal is now crucial due to the war in Ukraine, as the U.S. banned all imports from Russia, who was supplying Hawaii with up to a third of its oil resources. The Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative (HCEI) brings together business leaders, policymakers, and citizens to help the state meet its goal of achieving 70% clean energy by 2030 through renewable energy and energy efficiency. 

    By choosing SunPower by Eco Solar, you’re investing not only in your home, but in your local community. Our trusted experts live right in your neighborhood, and are familiar with the unique climate conditions of Oahu. We know just the right products, strategies, and services to help make saving the planet with solar the best choice for all of us. Save money and save your carbon footprint – too good to be true? Not with SunPower.

  3. Save your Sanity: Need the latest information and resources to help you choose the right energy savings solution for your home? SunPower by Eco Solar makes it easy and we help simplify the often confusing process. Our work together starts with an Onsite Consultation and evaluation of your home electric bills. We take this information to help create your Custom Home Solar Design. Then, our team handles all Permitting and Approvals for you to ensure a smooth transition. The last step in the process is our Expert Installation. It’s solar, simplified!

    From service to battery backup, we’ve got you covered. Because, let’s face it, power outages are simply part of our world these days. Adding Tesla Powerwall to your SunPower solar system stores your clean energy on site so that your home and family are prepared for the next time your power goes out. It’s got enough power to cover the average two-bedroom home for a full day. Powerwall is flexible and it charges your home from the grid or solar as needed. This investment also opens up your options in building a standalone electric car charging system or to power off-grid buildings too! How’s that for peace of mind?

  4. Save Time: While adding solar to your home or business is a large investment, you’ll be amazed at just how quickly you can be up and running with solar. By choosing SunPower by Eco Solar’s 14+ years of local expertise combined with SunPower’s 36+ years of dedicated solar experience, you can have your system up in running in just two weeks! Save time upfront by choosing the most efficient solar panels you can buy—backed by the industry’s most comprehensive warranty.  Our 25-year comprehensive warranty means you can invest without worrying about declines in your performance, labor, or parts.

Ready to start saving more with SunPower solar? Get started now. 

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