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PV Facts

Why Photovoltaic energy makes sense for Hawaii residents:

Fact: Electricity is expensive.

Hawaii has the most expensive cost per kWh in the United States. A PV system pays for itself relatively quickly and can dramatically reduce or even eliminate your dependence on the power company.

Fact: The tax Incentives are fantastic

Hawaii residents receive both a state and federal tax credit – which can be directly applied to the cost of your PV system.

Fact: It’s year-round power.

Hawaii is blessed with abundant sunshine, which means that the PV system will pay for itself at a faster rate of return than almost anywhere else in the United States.

Fact: It’s environmentally smart.

Not only does photovoltaic energy reduce environmental pollutants, it reduces our state’s dependence on oil.

Fact: Not all PV is the same.

SunPower by Eco Solar proudly installs SunPower solar energy systems. Their efficiency, reliability, longevity and warranties are the best in the industry.

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