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Do you know someone with a “Golden Ticket”?

golden_ticket2_02According to Hawaiian Electric, there are nearly 15,000 homeowners in Hawaii who have an approved or pending Net Energy Metering (NEM) agreement but haven’t yet installed solar. Chances are one of your friends, family or neighbors are among these folks.

If you can help us find these Golden Ticket holders, it can greatly benefit both you and them. Here’s why:

For a limited time, SunPower by Eco Solar is offering $1000 in incentives to bring your friends on board for their solar energy project. The details:

  • $500 referral fee to you
  • $500 discount to your friend on their system

To refer a friend please click here. In the “additional notes” please write “Golden Ticket”!

Time is running out to cash in those Golden Tickets!

sun_clock2_02Why is an NEM a Golden Ticket? Two main reasons, greater savings and increase in home value.

Although Hawaii became the first state in the nation to end net metering in October 2015, the rule change contained an incredible opportunity for homeowners who got in before the deadline.

Simply stated, the NEM becomes attached to your home, so you can continue to enjoy the benefits for as long as you stay there and even transfer the agreement to a new owner if you sell!

While the new Grid Supply program still offers huge savings via solar, NEM offers a more straightforward approach that saves greater dollars over the long haul.

Bottom line: if someone you know has a NEM, but hasn’t installed solar yet – don’t let them miss out on this opportunity. There are only a few months left before all of those golden tickets expire!

If you have questions regarding net metering or the new grid supply program please contact us, hit us up on Facebook or call us at 808 744-2274.

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