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PUC ruling: What’s the future of solar for Hawaii?

hawaii_isles_sunWhat does the recent ruling from the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) mean for the future of solar energy in Hawaii? If you’ve already installed a system, the news is very good indeed. Even if you haven’t, the news is still good, but the clock is ticking!

For those who already have solar or who filed for Net Energy Metering (NEM) on or before October 12, Hawaiian Electric has “grandfathered” your system in, meaning that you will continue to enjoy the savings. There’s even a provision that allows you to transfer your NEM to a new owner should you decide to sell your home in the future.
So if you already went solar, now’s your chance to feel even smarter about locking in those savings, but what about your friends and family who haven’t had the chance to make the move?

meter_sunsetThere is still time left, but the clock is ticking…

Hawaiian Electric’s new “grid supply” program allows homeowners to now benefit from an energy buyback strategy. Like net metering, this plan will provide tens of thousands in lifetime savings for the average customer. The PUC however, has limited these installations to 25 megawatts in total, which experts predict will be exhausted within 8-12 months.

Bottom line for the undecided: time is running out!

Now more than ever, the quality of the system you install is crucial. SunPower panels are guaranteed to produce significantly more energy over time than all other panels. Investing in a high-efficiency SunPower system is the smartest choice you can make to increase your lifetime savings, regardless of the changing landscape of utility rules and incentives.

So if your friends and family are still waiting, now is the time to tell them about Eco Solar. One thing that hasn’t changed – we’re still paying you $500 for every friend you refer to us that joins the Eco Solar ohana!

Refer a friend…

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