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Maximizing Your Home Solar Investment: Upgrade to SunPower

Oahu Home with SunPower Solar System

Are you a Net Energy Metering (NEM) customer with aging Samsung, Solarworld, or LG PV modules? If your solar system is a decade old, it’s time to discover the exciting possibilities of upgrading to a SunPower solar system. At SunPower by Eco Solar, we’ve proudly been Oahu’s leading home solar experts since 2008 and Hawaii’s only SunPower Master Dealer. Our System Designers and in-house installation team – with over 50 years of combined solar expertise – have transformed the energy landscape for more than 3,000 happy homeowners.

Unlocking Greater Potential with SunPower Solar Systems:

As technology advances and households change, it’s not uncommon for clients to reassess their requirements and find they need more power. One way to address this is by adding to your existing NEM PV system with SunPower modules and a Tesla Powerwall – a proven combo for maximizing savings. But there may be an even better option. Instead of just adding on, consider replacing your aging system with a new SunPower Solar system. This not only provides the extra power you need but also allows for a 1KW system size increase, requires no batteries, and your NEM status remains secure. This approach also sets you up for long-term savings and efficiency, giving your home’s power a significant upgrade!

Seamless Integration with Roof Upgrades:

Homes typically need new roofs every 20-25 years, making it an ideal time to think about upgrading your solar system. Why? When you replace an aging roof, the PV panels have to come off. The interesting part is that the cost of removing and reinstalling your existing PV system is surprisingly close to the cost of getting a completely new SunPower solar system – especially when you consider tax credits, rebates, and state incentives. So, if a new roof is on the horizon, why not consider a solar upgrade too? It’s a smart move that aligns with the natural lifecycle of your home.

Choosing SunPower Solar: Unmatched Performance and Expertise:

SunPower by Eco Solar stands out as the go-to choice for home solar systems and PV system replacements. Our high-performing SunPower modules not only breathe new life into your solar setup but also optimize your energy production. With our team of seasoned System Designers, we strategically place these modules on the best-yielding roof planes, ensuring maximum efficiency.

Why Choose SunPower by Eco Solar?

A Brighter Future:

Over the years, early solar adopters have not only recouped their initial investments but potentially done so 2-3 times over. Replacing an aging system with a new SunPower Solar system goes beyond minimizing HECO bills; it’s a strategic move towards upgrading to the latest technology and ensuring continued efficiency. At SunPower by Eco Solar, we’re here to guide you through this seamless transition, offering unmatched performance, expertise, and a commitment to a sustainable and cost-effective energy solution. Contact our dedicated team of System Designers today to maximize your home solar investment for years to come. Your path to a brighter, more efficient future is with SunPower by Eco Solar.

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