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Unlock Rewards: How Referring Friends and Family to SunPower by Eco Solar Can Boost Your Holiday Cash!

When you’ve got the world’s best solar, it’s hard not to share the excitement with family and friends. Did you know that, besides bragging rights, you can earn rewards for referring them to SunPower by Eco Solar?

Our referral program is a fantastic way to earn extra cash, especially during the holiday season.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Refer a homeowner interested in solar power.
  2. Sit back as they schedule a consultation and confirm their solar project with our SunPower by Eco Solar system designer.
  3. Enjoy your referral bonus – it’s as simple as that!

Easy Tips to Start the Solar Conversation:

Showcase Your Solar Savings

  • Highlight your energy value in the Tesla App, showcasing the money you’re saving on utility bills.
  • Give them a virtual tour of your SunPower Solar array and Tesla Powerwall, and share personal stories of your experience with our team.

Be the Solar Ambassador:

  • Emphasize the positive impact of going solar on the environment, reducing carbon emissions, and contributing to cleaner air.

Highlight Environmental and Grid Benefits:

  • Explain how solar stabilizes the electrical grid and supports Hawaii’s goal of achieving 100% clean energy by 2045.

Spot Life Changes:

  • If life events like more family members or a new electric vehicle are on the horizon, discuss how solar can ease increased electricity needs.

The SunPower by Eco Solar Edge

Once interest is piqued, let them know why SunPower by Eco Solar is the top choice:

Deck the halls with solar savings this holiday season. Share the benefits of going solar with SunPower by Eco Solar, sign up for our referral program, and watch the rewards roll in!

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