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Protect your PV Modules from Paint Overspray

Paint spray solar panelsWe have experienced an increase in calls this year related to paint overspray affecting the energy production of homeowners’ PV systems. This unfortunate situation happens when the homeowner has their home repainted and during the application of paint on the eaves and gutters, overspray covers the PV modules. The effects are costly and affect both energy production and the aesthetics of the PV system.

If you are planning to have your home repainted, please make sure the painter you select carefully covers the PV modules with a tarp or uses a brush to apply the paint.

If you have had your home painted since we installed your PV system and precautions for overspray weren’t taken, you may have paint on your PV modules.

We are here to help! We can help you to remove the paint overspray, or it may also be a great time to take advantage of our expert maintenance package, the Eco Boost.

In an Eco Boost we clean your PV modules and make sure your electrical and roof-mounted equipment is in good working condition. Please note that the additional time spent on particularly stubborn cases where the paint is difficult to remove may be billable.

A note to all the Do-It-Yourselfers: since PV module manufacturers don’t allow us to use cleaning solutions, removing paint is a delicate procedure done by using non-abrasive sponges and scrapers whilst applying filtered water.

Call us today if you suspect you have paint overspray or to see if your PV system needs an Eco Boost!

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