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Space is Running Out for Grid Supply Program!

Grid supply program comes to an end
Under grid supply, HECO buys the excess power you generate during the day for a set rate. Learn more here

The Customer Grid Supply Program (CGS) from Hawaiian Electric, launched in October 2015 to offer a solar opportunity to homeowners who missed out on the Net Metering program, is drawing to a close.

25 MW of grid capacity was originally allocated, but the most recent update from HECO shows the capacity to be under 5 MW. During a recent 20-day period, over 7% of the remaining space was reserved with new applications!

Sources inside Hawaiian Electric indicate that the pace of new CGS applications is increasing as the limit approaches. We anticipate that the program will expire in late September or early October at the latest.

Bottom line: if someone you know is still waiting to get solar, it is urgent that they reach out now to reserve their grid space!

To learn more about how the grid supply program works, please read our explanation of the program.

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