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Eco Boost solar panel cleaning on Oahu

Dust, salt spray, bird droppings, leaves and other debris on your solar panels can noticeably impact your system’s performance over time.

If you have concerns, talk to us about our Eco Boost solar panel cleaning and maintenance service. We recommend it annually for all systems, but if you’ve had solar for years, it’s time for a checkup!

We’ll clean your solar panels and make sure all your electrical and roof-mounted equipment is in good working condition. When we’re done, we’ll email you a comprehensive report on your system, complete with an itemized checklist indicating any potential performance issues.

Jerry Vares of Hawaii Kai gets an Eco Boost for his system every year. He’s happy about the surge in performance it provides along the peace of mind that comes with knowing his solar investment is being checked regularly by trained technicians.

“It just performs better. If you look at the graphs, it’s producing better than before it was cleaned. So maintenance is really important and the service is awesome!” says Vares.

Eco Boost is available for any residential solar energy system on Oahu. You do not need to be a SunPower by Eco Solar customer to take advantage of the service, but for a limited time we are offering a 50% discount to members of our SunPower by Eco Solar ‘ohana!

To schedule service or get a quote, contact us here or call 808 744-2274.

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