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Your SunPower Warranty is the Best in the Business

You already know that choosing to Go Solar means that you can enjoy clean energy, reduce dependence on fossil fuels, and save big on your electric bill for the next 30 years. That means you’ll want to make sure your SunPower by Eco Solar investment is covered. 

As the only SunPower Master Dealer in Hawaii, SunPower by Eco Solar is the best place to access the most comprehensive Warranty in the Solar Industry. SunPower’s Complete Confidence Warranty provides one warranty for your entire system, not just your panels. You never have to wonder which company you can depend on if or when you have a problem with your system. 

Solar Warranties typically consist of two key factors: 

Power: The power output of all solar panels diminish over time. Understanding your product’s degradation rate (stated in the Warranty document) gives you a clear sense of the power you’ll be guaranteed for a designated amount of time on your panel’s lifespan. If a panel’s output is lower than promised, the manufacturer will replace, repair or reimburse you for the panel. SunPower’s Solar panel degradation rate is the lowest in the industry. SunPower guarantees that your panels won’t lose more than 8 percent of their original direct current power output over 25 years. Conventional panels, meanwhile, typically lose at least 17 percent during the same period of time. 

Product: In the rare event that a solar panel suddenly stops working due to defects in materials or workmanship, the Product Warranty will likely cover it.

Some solar companies combine these elements into separate warranties, or combine products from different manufacturers, which can lead to multiple warranties spanning over multiple periods of time.  This is often confusing to customers and leads to homeowners opting to spend money to replace the system rather than sifting through multiple documents to determine if an element is covered by the Warranties. As a SunPower Master Dealer, Eco Solar only uses solar parts and engineering created by or for SunPower, so there’s no doubt that the Warranty covers the hardware on your roof and the workmanship that put it there.

Likewise, many other Solar Warranties only cover the solar panels. But there’s more to your solar system than just the panels! The SunPower Complete Confidence Warranty covers your entire system for 25 years. Monitoring hardware and storage is covered for 10 years – and the only reason for less coverage on that is because the technology is continually innovating and may require upgrades to ensure solid performance.  

Why are SunPower panels so durable?

SunPower panels are built with a copper foundation that’s meant to withstand corrosion and weathering better than other panels. The silicon in the anti-reflective glass allows light to bounce back into the panel and harvest power as efficiently as possible. This is true even on cloudy days! 

Why choose SunPower by Eco Solar? 

At Eco Solar, we’ve helped over 2,600 homeowners Go Solar and save a combined 10.9M dollars each year in every costs. With over 50 years of solar installation experience, our expertly trained in-house team is ready to become your trusted partner. We’ll work with you not only at the beginning of your solar journey, but all along the way. We’ll be happy to answer any questions that may come up, and as long as SunPower panels are in your home, we’ll be able to provide a hassle-free replacement, repair or reimbursement for any defective panel or part covered by your warranty. If your system’s not performing up to standard, a certified installation contractor can help fix the issue. 

“When SunPower saw our presence in Hawaii, and came to us with the idea of becoming a dealer, we realized this was a great opportunity not only for us, but for our customers of the future, to be able to provide the SunPower technology and the warranty that’s incorporated with that technology.” Says Ben Parish, President and Owner of SunPower by Eco Solar Hawaii. 

He continues, “What makes SunPower different is that the warranty itself includes 25 years with labor. Most warranties on panels are 25 years to cover power and production. That means that the person that purchased the panel is responsible for taking down the panel, shipping it back to the supplier for testing, and even for reinstalling it back onto their home. By the time that customer pays for all of the labor and shipping – and time and effort to get that process done – they may as well have gone to their local supplier to purchase a new replacement.” 

Ben says, “We are a small company based on Oahu and our community is really important to us. Our interactions don’t stop after installation. We often see our customers around town and when we see them, it makes us happy to know they are taken care of. The SunPower warranty is so strong because the product is so strong.” 

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