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Troubleshooting your Solar System

Home Solar Troubleshooting

On the rare occasion you need support with your home solar system, start with SunPower’s Troubleshooting Q&A. There are several steps you can take before contacting Customer Service.

The most commonly asked Question we get from Customers is,
“Am I receiving the proper credit for the power I’m producing?”

It pays to check your utility bill each month. Production data on your monitoring app or dashboard may not match what’s on the utility meter. You can tailor your app and dashboard to match the information on a utility meter or bill. That will help you verify that you’re getting credit for he power they’re generating. Call 1-800-SunPower and Customer Service can help you understand how much power you’re generating and how to read bills to confirm your power generation.

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Tesla Powerwall Troubleshooting

From time to time you may find that your Powerwall may require some basic troubleshooting. Often, issues can be resolved from the convenience of your home, without the need for additional technician assistance. Save time and use the guide provided here.

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