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Save with the Battery Bonus Program

Updated: October 30, 2023

Application Period

On Oahu, applications for the HECO Battery Bonus Program will be accepted until the total enrolled SDP capacity reaches 40MW or until the start date of the Bring Your Own Device Programs, whichever comes first. (As of October 1st, 31.7 MW are enrolled.) Contact a SunPower by Eco Solar System Designer today to get started.


Original Publish Date: February 15, 2023

Save with the HECO Battery Bonus Program: 

More reasons why the best solution for your home is a Solar plus Battery system.

Hawaiian Electric (HECO) has exciting news for customers in Oahu: receive a cash incentive to add energy storage to a new or existing rooftop solar system. This program was created to help Hawaii move towards its goal of 100% clean energy by 2045. 

Incentives include:

  • A one-time check up to $850 per kilowatt (kW) committed for those accepted for the first 15 megawatts (MW) on Oahu. $750 per kW for the next 15 MW and $500 per kW for the last 20 MW.
  • A monthly capacity bill credit at $5 per kW per month of committed capacity for 10 years.
  • A monthly energy bill credit non-Net Energy Metering (NEM) program customers for three years.

Hawaiian Electric is looking to reduce power on the grid during peak demand periods, and these cash incentives provide an easy way for you and the company to save money, reduce pollution, and ensure all Hawaii residents have access to the electricity we need – it’s a true win-win for all! 

How the Hawaiian Electric Battery Bonus Program works

The program allows for homeowners with existing Solar systems installed after July 1, 2021

and new Solar systems to add energy storage to participate. Those who sign up are asked to deliver a committed capacity every day for 10 years for two hours during peak electric times between 6 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. Even with these requirements, the incentives are enough to pay for the cost of owning the battery, and customers can commit any amount of kW that their battery can handle (your incentive money is based on how many kW you can commit to). 

SunPower Eco Solar Hawaii explains Battery Bonus benefits for existing and new customers

“After we help homeowners go solar, we find that their daily habits change. They start to use more electricity. Maybe they’ve added air conditioning, or have additional family members in their home, or purchased a new electric car. Until recently, homeowners were prohibited from adding on to their solar system.

HECO’s Battery Bonus Program is really exciting because we can get the customer back to zero with their bills! These incentives mean the system pays for itself in half the time.” says Ben Parish, President/Owner of SunPower by Eco Solar Hawaii. 

How to get your Oahu Battery Bonus

If you’re ready to add onto your solar investment and save even more while protecting our planet, work with SunPower by Eco Solar to install or upgrade your solar system. Your Contractor Partner will apply for your permits, install and configure the battery. They’ll need to show that your building panels were submitted to lock in your payment. Your Eco Solar system designer can also advise you on the capacity level that makes sense for your battery to maintain throughout the program. You’ll also need to fill out and submit a W-9 form, since these upfront incentive payments do count as income and HECO will report information about them to the IRS. 

Once your system is up and running, we will need to supply seven days’ worth of operational data to HECO. Once it’s approved, you can expect your incentive within thirty days!  

Parish is excited about the program and its financial and climate benefits for Oahu customers. “It’s really a win-win for all – especially for existing Solar customers and homeowners that want to go Solar. The best energy saving solution is a Solar plus Battery system and these incentives make it easy to save and see your return on your investment even faster!”

Get your Oahu Battery Bonus Now

Don’t delay on getting this great deal for yourself – The battery bonus will only be available for a limited time – until the total enrolled capacity reaches 50 megawatts, or until June 20, 2023. 

Ready to save even more on your Solar System with the Battery Bonus Program? Contact SunPower by Eco Solar today to get started.

SunPower by Eco Solar Blog

Meet the Team: Introducing Michael, Solar Designer

Meet Michael French, Solar Designer at SunPower by Eco Solar!

Originally from Kailua-Kona, Michael has helped over one thousand families in Hawaii make the move to Solar. Michael is certified by SunPower as an Advanced Residential Designer. In his free time, he enjoys surfing and diving.

We appreciate you, Michael! Thanks for all of your contributions to our team and for helping our local community Go Solar! 

Here’s what customers over the years have shared about Michael: 

Don Roberts
Michael from Eco Solar was very knowledgeable about everything solar as he has been working in the solar industry for his entire adult life… I highly recommend Eco Solar!

Keith M.
Wahiawa, HI
I’ve known Mike for a while now but being the great guy he is, he never tried to push his company on me or ever talked to me about work at all for that matter, proving that Mike values relationships far more than just trying to make a sale… So impressed with this company, the product, Mike, and his crew. If you are on the fence about solar, even if you’re just checking things out, I highly recommend contacting Mike and allowing him the chance to answer your questions.

Juanita W.
Honolulu, HI
Awesome team! Mike was so patient and easy to work with. They were professional and proficient. I highly recommend this company.

Michael Derian
Put in a request online to be contacted by a SunPower dealer to discuss the product and numbers. Mike from Eco Solar contacted me the following day to set an appointment. Very knowledgeable and not pushy. Didn’t feel like a used car salesman trying to pressure me. Both him and Chris, the installer, were always very quick to answer texts/emails/phone calls. Great experience all round and enjoying my new solar system!

Brittany L.
Downtown, Honolulu, HI
The decision to commit to SunPower was easy after Mike French (sales) walked us through the process and answered all of our questions. After work was completed a few days ago we are 100% satisfied with our decision to work with SunPower and fully endorse their product.
Estimate/Sales: Mike French delivered on time and on budget. He has always been responsive and available to answer all questions from start to end. He was “no pressure” and we could tell he has experience in the solar industry.

Tina M.Elite 2023
Ala Moana, Honolulu, HI
I was so happy to find Mike at SunPower! He was very informative and very responsive. He made both me and my husband super comfortable with our solar decision. The best thing about Mike is that his team installs the solar and that same day your solar is turned on. He also acquires all the permits. He was able to come by the day our solar was installed to walk us through our Tesla app. He showed us how everything worked. His team did an excellent job with the install. Communication was great every step of the way. We couldn’t be happier that we went with Mike and his team. Additionally, we got the upgraded all black solar panels at no additional charge. Mike has great customer service, you will not be disappointed. He wants you to be happy and truly cares about the service that is provided. Mahalo again Mike and the SunPower Solar team! Best on the island for sure!!!

Warren I.
Kaneohe, HI

My salesperson was Mike French. Mike is a very likable guy and not in any way going to pressure you to sign a contract with them. I wish I could say the same for some of Eco Solar’s competition… Mike has confidence in his brand, the quality of the installation, and the reputation of Eco Solar so he doesn’t have to pressure you to get business. Mike had some of the coolest information to share with me illustrating how advanced SunPower was over others…

Melanie A.
Ewa Beach, HI
I don’t normally write reviews but was super impressed with my experience with Mike French and SunPower by EcoSolar.  From start to finish, Mike was there to answer questions we had, even answering them more than once! …I only wish that I did it sooner.
Thanks, Mike!  We truly appreciate your professionalism and patience!

Geri B.
Honolulu, HI
It started with a simple meeting with Michael French, from that we knew we had to go with them. Mike was professional, polite, patient, and made it easy to understand the details. On installation day, the excellent service continued… Really cannot get any better – highly recommend Eco Solar

J M.
Honolulu, HI
SunPower by Eco Solar is a locally-owned top-tier company. Mike, Chris and the whole team have been a pleasure to work with… Mike was super thorough with [explaining] how everything – top to bottom of the whole process and install – would go. Mike shared critical information [that helped] my decision to go with SunPower! It’s 2021 SunPower by Eco Solar is still going strong and any support I need they have been so reliable. Highly recommend Eco Solar and Mike.

Thomas M.
Honolulu, HI
Wanted to thank Mike French and the whole team of Eco Solar for the excellent service. I researched about a dozen companies before I picked this company and I’m glad and fortunate I did. First off, Mike provided a detailed explanation of solar, inverters, and batteries, and how they stand apart from the other products…. I also trust Mike as he is basically a genius (though super humble in his achievements, you will need to ask him yourself) and has been working [in the] solar industry since high school… 

So stop looking at other solar companies and call them!


Got my electric bill so here is the proof. From a near $400 dollars electrical bill to $23. Thank you Mike and everyone from Eco Solar.

Meet more SunPower by Eco Solar Team Members Here.

SunPower by Eco Solar Blog

Meet the Team: Introducing Matt, Solar Designer

Meet Matt Householder, Solar Designer at SunPower by Eco Solar!

Over the past 9 years Matt has had the privilege of helping over 500 local families make the move to solar. With a dual background in real estate sales, he understands the value a PV system adds to both your current electricity needs and the future marketability of your home.  

We appreciate you, Matt! Thanks for all of your contributions to our team and for helping our community Go Solar! 

Here’s what customers over the years have shared about Matt: 

SunPower by Eco Solar exceeded our expectations and was the most professional. We opted for 30 panels and 2 Tesla batteries. Matt Householder was responsive, honest, informative, knowledgeable and did not pressure us at any time… All company personnel that we interacted with – Matt, Coleen, Ben, Chris and Andrea provided excellent customer service and were efficient. If you’re in the market for a Solar PV System with batteries, SunPower by Eco Solar is the absolute best.

Karen Y.
Matt was the first person who came over to the house & explained their products and answered all our questions. From start to finish Matt was professional, honest and very reliable. I never felt like I was bothering him, he always made time to answer my questions and make sure that I knew what I was getting into. After the PV installation was completed, he was still available to make sure everything was working properly & that I understood how to use the app. Thank you very much Matt for making this a stress free experience for us!!! When Ben & the crew came over to do the PV installation, I was also impressed with how they made it aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Prior to starting the job they explained what they were going to do & after they completed the job explained what everything was & how to use the app. I really appreciated their hard work & how they took pride in their jobs & did it well!! I have to also thank Chris for monitoring the PV system after the installation to make sure that everything was working well. He was very patient & responsive to my calls!! Thank you so much Eco Solar for your professional work in installing our PV system!

CL, Kailua, HI
I cannot write this review without giving kudos to Eco Solar’s people.  MATT HOUSEHOLDER provided us with several different system options and their pros and cons, was very knowledgeable, was easy to reach via phone, text and email, at no time did he pressure us, he was honest about the possible timeframe we were looking at for the meter replacement, and he discussed the total cost of the system instead of just discussing the “net cost,” which was important for us to understand. Operations Supervisor, Coleen Murphy stayed on top of all the paperwork throughout the process and stayed in contact with us all the time.  Ben, who conducted our site inspection and was present for our installation was very informative and Chris immediately reached out to us as soon as he heard from HECO on a coordinated installation date. Eco Solar’s personnel are the best!

If you’re looking for a reputable and superior Solar PV Company, this is it.

Wade K., Honolulu HI
We’ve been waiting to install solar for a while now and met Matt from Eco Solar at one of the BIA home shows. The efficiency of SunPower panels and Tesla batteries made Eco Solar the obvious choice. Matt came out to our house on a holiday to go over the system and within a month we were done! 30 panels and 2 Tesla batteries were installed by Ben (who I later found out is the owner of the company!) and his team in about 1 1/2 days and we were up and running. Follow up with Matt and Chris helped us work through some initial hiccups with the system and it is working great right now. Most days when it’s not overcast we are essentially self powered. The installation team was professional and fast, they took some drone footage of the install which looked great! I highly recommend Eco Solar for their speed, efficiency, customer service and professionalism . . . And of course their product is excellent!

Brian T.
SunPower by Eco Solar is an excellent company. Matt and Chris are very informative, responsive, and professional. The installation crew were efficient, did a great job, and cleaned up afterward. The system works great. I highly recommend this company.

Ismael E, Kapolei, HI
I wanted the best solar panels and best company for my house. I have been scouring the market for Photovoltaic systems for nearly 2 years now. I have spoken and met with several Photovoltaic or Solar companies on the island. I have also compiled and researched the different panels that are available in the market. With my research I found out that Sunpower Solar Panels are the best and most efficient solar panels that are available for residential and commercial applications. So I looked for the authorized dealer or company for sunpower solar panels that is local. There is only one Sunpower Master Dealer in Hawaii, it’s ECO SOLAR. On the day that I called ECO SOLAR, Matt, their solar designer called me right away and an appointment was set. The presentation that Matt gave was very professional. He even brought samples of conventional solar cells and the SunPower solar cell for comparison. Right there and then I already made up my mind to go with ECOSOLAR. The proposal alone is the best compared to all the companies I had spoken with. 

Then came the actual inspection of the roof of the house and to my amazement the owner Ben was the one who came to inspect the roof. It only confirms the ECO SOLAR’s commitment to its customers. Ben explained everything to me and was very receptive to what I wanted to do. As soon as we decided to go with the design and size of the PV system, everything was spot on. From obtaining necessary Homeowners and building permits to financing, it was stress free because Matt and other ECO SOLAR staff assisted me all the way. 

Then came the installation. It took two days and it was prompt and on schedule. Matt and Ben were there making sure the install was running smoothly. They showed great respect to my property. The installers were diligent in their work, knowledgeable and professional. After it was installed Ben gave me a rundown of all the things that went on, on the installation, how it works including how to operate the hardware.It was a very pleasant experience. I highly recommend ECO SOLAR to everybody!

Meet more SunPower by Eco Solar Team Members Here.

SunPower by Eco Solar Blog

Meet the Team: Introducing Kirby, Solar Designer

Introducing Kirby Mack, Solar Designer at SunPower by Eco Solar!

Over his 14-year career, Kirby has helped thousands of Oahu families save money on their electric bills and make a positive impact on the environment by switching to solar. Kirby was born and raised in Kaneohe. His favorite hobbies are enjoying the beauty of the outdoors, being in the ocean, and watching movies. 

Thank you Kirby for all you have done for our team and community, we appreciate you! 


Here’s what customers over the years had said about Kirby: 

Brandi S., Kaneohe HI

Thank you to Kirby and the SunPower by Eco Solar team for our amazing solar system. We were totally impressed with the amount of information shared, professionalism, efficiency and willingness to explain all the details to us. We would certainly recommend your company to anyone looking to get solar.

David O.

If you are in the market to install solar, look no further. SunPower by Eco Solar completed an 11 panel and one Tesla power wall (battery) installation flawlessly. They completed the install in less time than anticipated and for less than several other companies we were quoted. Make sure to ask for Kirby, he was our sales/design rep and he is super friendly and knowledgeable. Anytime I had questions/concerns about the system or process he got back to me in a timely manner. He never tried to upsell or pressure us in any way, he designed our system to meet our current consumption needs. He also broke down tax incentives and financing options. It’s only been a week since install but our system has been running cherry and outputting more than anticipated!! A+ experience from start to finish. Mahaloz Kirby and SunPower team for making this a great experience. I highly recommend it!

K.D., Honolulu HI

Highly recommend Eco Solar: I’ve chosen Eco Solar because of the positive Yelp reviews…My salesman Kirby was so knowledgeable about the system I purchased and was able to help me understand how it worked… Kirby also shared information regarding places that offered financing options.  Kirby always made himself available to answer all my questions which I found so rewarding having amazing customer service/ support. 

Lisa N., Miliani HI

This our second time using Eco Solar. We installed some panels about 8 years ago and it has been working great. We just put in more panels through the Battery Bonus Program.

Kirby responded quickly, came out to look at our place and explained things thoroughly. He kept in touch to let us know how things were progressing.

Eco Solar took care of all the permits, making it much easier for us.  Installation was quick and the entire crew was knowledgeable, friendly and polite. They were done in a few hours and explained things to us before they left.

Kirby followed up a few days later and was really good about returning calls or texts. So far everything is working great!

John I, Honolulu HI

We were shopping around for a good and affordable solar system for the house and was recommended by a good friend to call Eco Solar. We wanted to compare prices just so we know we got the best bang for the buck. Kirby is the man! Response time is flawless. He is very knowledgeable and not the typical sweet talker just to get the sale. He will give you straight facts! From start to finish: Design team and install team were super quick!!! They were highly recommended and I definitely would too!

Kathy A., Aiea HI

Yep, it was time to step up to a Photovoltaic system for our house in Halawa Heights. We had already replaced the Solar panels for the hot water and Kirby said when we were ready to go total PV to let him know….Hi Kirby, we’re ready!

As you can see from the attached photos they did a great job and we’re now the proud owners of a new PV system.

This company was professional from start to finish. The installers were polite, fairly quiet and cleaned away all the rubbish. Highly recommend you give them a call if you’re even thinking about it. Kirby will give you everything you need to help you.

Meet more SunPower by Eco Solar Team Members Here.

SunPower by Eco Solar Blog

Meet the Team: Chris celebrates a decade with SunPower by Eco Solar!

Join us in celebrating Chris’s success and commitment at SunPower by Eco Solar

Chris joined our team in 2013 and has been an intricate part of our business over the past decade. As Operations Manager, Chris oversees many aspects of our company’s day to day activities. He continues to give his all towards our goal of providing excellent products and services to all of our clients. 

Thank you for all you have done, Chris. We appreciate you! 

Here’s what customers have shared about Chris over the years: 

Wade K., Honolulu, HI

Chris helped us work through some initial hiccups with the system and it is working great right now. Most days when it’s not overcast we are essentially self powered. The installation team was professional and fast, they took some drone footage of the install which looked great!  I highly recommend Eco Solar for their speed, efficiency, customer service and professionalism… And of course their product is excellent!

Brian T

SunPower by Eco Solar is an excellent company. Matt and Chris are very informative, responsive, and professional. The installation crew were efficient, did a great job, and cleaned up afterward. The system works great. I highly recommend this company.

Michael D.

Put in a request online to be contacted by a SunPower dealer to discuss the product and numbers. Mike from Eco Solar contacted me the following day to set an appointment… Both him and Chris, the installer, were always very quick to answer texts/emails/phone calls. Great experience all round bad enjoying my new solar system!

Warren I., Kaneohe, HI

…I would also like to recognize Chris at Eco Solar…never met the guy but spoke to him a few times on the phone, and he was very patient with me.

JM, Honolulu, HI

Chris and the whole team have been a pleasure to work with.


Chris and Andrea provided excellent customer service and were efficient.  If you’re in the market for a Solar PV System with batteries, Sun Power by Eco Solar is the absolute best.

Karen Y.

…I have to also thank Chris for monitoring the PV system after the installation to make sure that everything was working well. He was very patient & responsive to my calls!! Thank you so much EcoSolar for your professional work in installing our PV system!

CL, Kailua, HI

Chris immediately reached out to us as soon as he heard from HECO on a coordinated installation date. Eco Solar’s personnel are the best!

Davin L., Kaneohe, HI

Chris & Colleen took care of the administrative end of things and helped to make the entire process smooth & painless. The installation team was efficient and professional. Their work was high quality and clean. The SunPower panels and Tesla battery not only look good but are the best on the market. The end user Tesla app is amazing how it provides you with real time and historical information regarding power generated, energy used, battery status, power sent back to the grid, etc. I nerd out on it all day long. All in all, I was extremely happy I went with these guys. Very informative, great communication, went out of their way to work with us and meet our needs! I highly recommend!!

Meet more SunPower by Eco Solar Team Members Here

SunPower by Eco Solar Blog

Eco Solar named SunPower’s Regional Dealer of the Year

OAHU, Hawaii, May 1, 2023 – SunPower by Eco Solar, a Oahu-based solar installer, has received the Regional Dealer of the Year Award from SunPower, a leading solar technology and energy services provider. The award recognizes dealers for their outstanding home solar projects in their respective regions.

“It’s an honor to award our dealers that go above and beyond when it comes to quality, performance and customer satisfaction,” said June Sauvaget, chief marketing officer at SunPower. “This award represents their steadfast commitment bringing the many benefits of solar to their communities and the meaningful work they are doing to change the way our world is powered.” 

SunPower by Eco Solar is a 5-star rated, Better Business Bureau A+ Accredited company, has completed more than 3,000 solar installs, and has helped homeowners save more than 12.6 million dollars on their electricity bills each year.

“If you are in the market to install solar, look no further. SunPower by Eco Solar completed a SunPower Solar and Tesla Powerwall installation flawlessly.” said David, Waipahu homeowner. “A+ experience from start to finish. Mahaloz SunPower by Eco Solar team for making this a great experience. I highly recommend!”

“We’re not the biggest company but we have big hearts. Our Eco Solar customers and our people are our Ohana.” shared Ben Parish, Founder of SunPower by Eco Solar

For more information on SunPower by Eco Solar Contact Us.


About SunPower by Eco Solar Hawaii:

Founded in 2008 by Ben Parish, Eco Solar was born from the desire to create a solar company focused on a better experience for both customers and employees.

Starting out in a Mililani garage, Eco Solar grew quickly and earned a reputation for superior workmanship and service. Fifteen years later, Eco Solar earned a SunPower Master Dealerdesignation – 1 of just 42 in the Nation and the only Master Dealer in Hawaii. SunPower by Eco Solar is also a proud Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer.

SunPower by Eco Solar Blog

Every Day is Earth Day

Aloha, Friends! At SunPower by Eco Solar Hawaii, we believe that Earth Day isn’t just one day of the year- it’s every day. Whether you’re a current customer who wants to learn about the ways in which conserving energy positively impacts our planet or an interested homeowner who would like more information on how home solar can reduce carbon emissions and lead you toward financial savings – this post is for you! Join us as we dig into why eco-conscious efforts are important all 365 days of the year when it comes to renewable energies and sustainability. We’ll also showcase strategies on how each of us can become more aware while making better decisions with our purchases; ultimately improving the earth and ourselves at once. Let’s get started and celebrate Earth Day everyday!

What Does Earth Day Mean for SunPower by Eco Solar Hawaii and Oahu homeowners?

Earth Day is here and at SunPower by Eco Solar Hawaii, we couldn’t be more excited! We understand the important role that sustainability plays in keeping our beautiful island home healthy and prosperous for future generations. By choosing solar power for your home, you are not only reducing your carbon footprint, but you are also contributing to a brighter, cleaner future. Earth Day is a time to celebrate the beauty of our planet and to remind ourselves of the small steps we can take each day to make a big difference. Since you’re reading this, we know you’ve already made a commitment towards a greener tomorrow!

How Can We Celebrate Earth Day Every Day of the Year?

Earth Day is one of those special occasions that we look forward to every year. It’s a time to appreciate the significance of our planet and take action to protect it. However, why limit our celebration to just one day? Let’s make it a point to celebrate Earth Day every day of the year! With a little creativity and effort, we can make a difference in our environment. We can start by 

  • Reducing our waste
  • Conserving energy
  • Making sustainable choices

Every small act of kindness towards the environment adds up over time and can make a significant impact.

Ways to Decrease Waste and Recycle More

There are so many ways we can decrease waste and recycle more. 

  • Try using reusable bags when you head to the market
  • Bring your own reusable cup to your favorite local coffee shop
  • And don’t forget about recycling! Make sure you’re recycling all your paper, plastic, and glass products correctly
  • Get creative with recycling and turn old clothes into rags or make art out of old magazines

Every little bit counts!

Tips for Conserving Energy

Have you gone solar and wondered if you can do more to conserve energy? The answer is Yes – so much more!

  • Try switching to LED light bulbs to reduce your energy usage. Solar power and LED lighting are a perfect combination!
  • Make sure to unplug appliances when they’re not in use to eliminate “vampire” energy consumption
  • Adjust your thermostat so that it’s a few degrees lower in the winter and a few degrees higher in the summer
  • Try air-drying your clothes instead of using the dryer 

With these simple tips, you’ll be well on your way to a more efficient and eco-friendly lifestyle!

Making Sustainable Choices at Home and in our Community

  • Start by reducing your water usage with low-flow showerheads and toilets
  • Incorporate reusable bags and containers into your daily routine
  • Participate in community events and initiatives, like neighborhood cleanups

So let’s get started on this journey towards a more sustainable future, and who knows – maybe we’ll inspire others to do the same, too! Did you know you can Refer a Friend or Family member to SunPower by Eco Solar Hawaii and earn Rewards? Sign up here

The Benefits of Solar Power for Oahu Homeowners

Aloha, Oahu homeowners! Who doesn’t love saving money? With solar power, you can do just that while also helping out our beautiful island. By installing solar panels on your roof, you can lower your monthly electricity bill. Plus, solar power is environmentally friendly and sustainable, so you can feel good about reducing your carbon footprint. And let’s not forget about the potential tax credits and incentives available for homeowners who invest in solar power on Oahu. (Check out our latest Blog on how you can save with the Battery Bonus Program.) So why not reap the benefits for both your wallet and our community? Mahalo!

How SunPower by Eco Solar Hawaii Is Taking Action to Preserve Our Planet

SunPower by Eco Solar Hawaii has helped more than 3,000 happy homeowners save more than $12.6 Million Dollars on their electricity bill each year! Since 2008, we’ve taken steps to ensure that Oahu homeowners have access to renewable energy, knowing that the preservation of our planet starts with us. As the only SunPower Master Dealer in Hawaii and two-time SunPower Regional Dealer of the Year Award winner, we take pride in our highly skilled, expertly trained, in-house installation team and combined 50+ years of solar installation experience. We are especially proud of our impact on our community and the earth. Join us! Here’s how you can Get Started.

From reducing waste and conserving energy at home to making sustainable choices in our community, it’s amazing what even small actions can do for our planet in the long run. Let’s all commit to celebrating Earth Day each and every day – from supporting eco-friendly businesses, learning about renewable energy solutions, or simply being mindful of how we use resources. Here’s to a brighter future!

Check out the Earth Day Blog Posts from our Partners:

SunPower shares their commitment to sustainability and focus on protecting the planet the other 364 days of the year.

To celebrate Earth Day, Hawaiian Electric will plant a tree in Hawaii for every 100 customers who sign up for paperless billing.

SunPower by Eco Solar Blog

Easy Ways to Help Friends and Family Go Solar

When you go solar with Eco Solar Hawaii, it’s natural to want to tell everyone about it. After all, you’ve lowered your utility bills and reduced your carbon footprint! Why not share the advantages of solar with everyone in the neighborhood? But did you know you can earn rewards for your referrals?


Eco Solar has a referral program that rewards homeowners for helping others go solar. 


The process is simple:

1) Refer a homeowner you know that is interested in solar power.

2) Wait until they schedule a consultation and confirm their solar project with a Eco Solar system designer.

3) Enjoy your referral bonus.


What’s the best way to start conversations with friends and family about solar energy? Here are a few tips that may make referring others a little easier.


Share the Benefits of Your Solar System

  • Pull out your phone to highlight your Energy Value in the Tesla App (An estimate of the money you didn’t have to pay your utility).
  • Proudly show off your solar array and Tesla Powerwall.
  • Share your personal stories and the experience you had with our Team.

Becoming part of the Eco Solar community has a positive impact on our neighbors and the planet. Solar energy helps reduce carbon emissions which promotes cleaner air. When the subject of climate change comes up you can share how you are playing a role in the movement!


Environmental benefits aren’t all solar power has to offer. Homeowners that go solar are also helping stabilize the electrical grid by generating power on their roofs. Plus, going solar means helping Hawaii achieve its goal of 100% clean energy by 2045.


Look for Change of Life Events

There are many instances that can require a home to consume more electricity – like more family members under one roof or adding a new electric vehicle. When a homeowner generates solar energy, these changes become much more manageable. Eco Solar helps by designing a solar system based on current and future energy use.

Point Out the Eco Solar Advantage

If you’ve managed to get your referral to start thinking about solar energy, great job! The next step is to show them why Eco Solar is the best choice for their solar project. This should be a fairly easy task, given that:

  • Eco Solar is Oahu’s top home solar experts, since 2008
  • Eco Solar is proud to be a Tesla Powerwall Premier Certified Installer
  • Eco Solar has a Highly Skilled, Expertly Trained, In-house Installation Team
  • The Eco Solar team has a combined 50+ Years of Solar Installation Experience
  • More than 3,000 homeowners have gone Solar with Eco Solar and saved more than 13.6 Million Dollars each year!

Our reputation comes with years of experience and a trustworthy Warranties that covers your solar system and all of its components.

Get started by sharing by Eco Solar with everyone you know and sign up for our referral program to earn a bonus for every qualified homeowner that goes solar with us!

SunPower by Eco Solar Blog

A Happy Customer Shares How SunPower and Eco Solar Hawaii Stood Out Above The Rest

Jean-Paul Shares His SunPower by Eco Solar Hawaii Experience. 

Can I start off by saying that the solar industry is intimidating and there’s so much information out there. It’s not quick and easy to choose the setup that best meets your needs, or even what company to go with. That being said, I took the time to read about panels, inverters, batteries, solar hours, etc.. I compared sites for different companies and manufacturers. I requested quotes from five local installers and a couple of mainland companies. (I have an aluminum shingle roof so I was particularly concerned about the mounting brackets and installation.) 

After all of that, SunPower stood out above the rest. They manufacture their panels, which are rated as the most efficient available, and they keep their local warehouse stocked! Certified Tesla installers as well. 


I had the pleasure of working with Michael French. He was able to ask me a few questions about what I wanted in my project, and he answered the several questions I had about some of the more intricate details of a PV system that you can’t seem to find online. I’ll be honest, I already had an idea of what I wanted and Michael helped me lock it in. No attempt to over-sell or up-sell like I had experienced with other companies. 


I went with a 16-panel system with a Tesla Powerwall, and in about two months of our initial conversation, I had an installation date. During that time, Michael and his team took care of all of the paperwork required for permits from the City, HECO, and the HOA. I just needed to sign the documents, and I was able to do so online. Such a breeze! 


As great as everything had been so far, installation day was unbelievable. The guys arrived around 08:00 and by 11:45 they had finished and my system was producing tons. Blazing fast, very courteous workers. It also just looks so good. I still walk around admiring how great everything looks. Needless to say, I’m extremely happy with my system and it was so fast and easy I will definitely return to Sunpower if I ever need to expand (hoping to land one of the EV Hummers someday). Aloha and mahalo for reading.


Jean-Paul Miliani, HI


SunPower by Eco Solar Blog

Meet Another Happy Customer

Jennifer Shares Her SunPower by Eco Solar Hawaii Experience. 

We just moved into a new home in a new development, so we definitely knew off the bat, a list of things that we wanted to invest into our home. Solar was one of the things on the list. 

We had a bunch of sales people from various companies come knocking on our door trying to sell their products and services. It was definitely overwhelming and a lot to take in as we are a family who moved from a townhome to a single family home. It was definitely a big lifestyle and financial transition and took a few months to adjust to our new normal. When we finally settled in, the talk of solar came up again. 

After getting some input and suggestions from the community, we called around and scheduled appointments with quite a few different companies. Some were a no right away, and some companies had us thinking. Then comes Michael French with SunPower by Eco Solar Hawaii, who was our last scheduled appointment – and from a company that was not knocking door to door. Of all the different companies we spoke with, one made a lasting impression with us, but after speaking with Mike, the decision was easy! We decided to go with Mike and his team. 

First of all, Mike was super easy to talk to and not once in the entire conversation or even the many texts and phone calls after the initial meeting, did we ever feel like we were being sold to or persuaded to do something. The entire process from start to finish was rather quick and they made it super easy as they do most of the legwork. 

I know of some families that wait months and months to even get their panels installed. I don’t think it even took a month from our initial convo for us to get installed and up and running. Many worry about leasing versus buying, Warranty on the panels and battery, and I even read of people’s negative experiences with customer service after installation. Mike will explain all of that to you in a simple conversation and every person in the company that I’ve encountered so far has been great and very personable.

I would recommend EcoSolar to anyone and everyone over and over again.

Jennifer S. Waipahu, HI

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